BIGmack – 100 WAYS TO USE 

101+ Ideas

Barbara Solomonson SLP, MS CCC-SLP with help from others at different message boards and listserves compiled this helpful guide of 101+ resources for using BIGmack or Other Single Message Communication Devices.

Our Top Ten

The HDESD AT Team has compiled its top ten activities from the list.  Here they are: 

  1. The BIGmack can be used for games such as Chasey and Hide-and-Seek. Store the messages – “You can’t catch me!” or “Ready or not here I come!”
  2. For young children, you can use messages to initiate physical contact such as: “bounce me”, “tickle me”, “rub my back”, “brush my hair”. (Obviously, you need to be conscious of whether they like this type of touch or not.)
  3. Use the BIGmack at meals to request “more” or “finished” etc.
  4. Ask for a hug
  5. We use the BIGmack in our preschool classes for storytime. Each preschool unit is based on a piece of ‘literature’ such as The Very Busy Spider, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, etc. During circle time when the story is read, the repetitive line such as “She was too busy spinning her web!” or “What did I see?” is programmed on the BIGmack. This way each child has an opportunity to be an active participant in helping to tell the story.
  6. Record child’s verbal output – even if it is just a sound. For example, one child is beginning to say “B_B_B_B_ for his name Bobby – I catch his verbal output and he plays it back when he wants to. He loves to hear himself – and it encourages more verbalizations!!
  7. Also could use “delicious” and “yucky”. We also use 2 voice output each day for lunch choices and for afternoon break choices. It’s also a good idea to program a message so that a child can stop an activity or indicate a negative preference.
  8. Giving a direction in a group activity (put it in, pick it up, take a turn)
  9. Use it to have the child tell you to turn the page
  10. Ask a family member to dance